Matt and Helen hold each other close, as the couple smile together beneath the sunset. A crowded forest waits behind them.

Feature Films by North West Wedding Videographer

Below you will find a selection of 18-25 minute Feature Films. These films are created with ‘everything’ in mind. They are for the couple who want to remember everything from their wedding day, and contain a slower paced, emotionally-driven edit, which gradually becomes increasingly upbeat until the dancing section, when everything comes together for a great climax. The Feature Film is against the grain of the wedding video industry, as so much focus is now thrown at Instagram, and people being able to relive their wedding day in 59 seconds. The Feature Film is a way for you to sit down and re-live your wedding day in full. It’s not about the best shots encapsulating your wedding day in a fast paced edit. It’s about story. Your story. Your wedding day. These films are emotional watches, and encapsulate your entire day into a film that can be enjoyed for years to come. Whilst it’s not the two hour epics that our Mums and Dads were handed after their wedding day, it’s perhaps the best way to re-live your wedding day, as no memory is lost.

Josh and Hannah share a kiss in front of a beautiful woodland in the North West of England.

It’s about the Wedding Story – Your Story – Your Narrative

Usually beginning with a story-driven opening, which relies on the speeches to introduce yourselves as the main characters in the film, we – as the viewer – are transported to how you first met, and how this day – your wedding day – came to be. This part of the film also introduces the setting of your wedding day. Whether that’s the venue, or your home / parents’ house, we’re grounded early on in the film by where and what we see until we are introduced to the main character, and the happenings on your wedding day. Later, we arrive at your ceremony to see you both say, ‘I do’, and then the edit kicks off from there, and fits uniquely into the happenings of your wedding day.

Knowsley Hall Wedding Feature Film: Dan + Jen

Knowsley Hall is a wedding venue close to my heart, as much as it is close to my home. Less than fifteen minutes drive away, Knowsley Hall is a beautiful venue with stunning grounds, and often has some of the liveliest and most enjoyable weddings. In this film, Dan and Jen’s Dad take you on a journey in their speeches, and we as the viewer go along for the ride. One of my favourite weddings to date.

Santorini Wedding Feature Film: Gareth + Sara

Sometimes, I’m very lucky and asked to travel abroad to film weddings. Most recently I travelled to Tuscany for a wedding that I’ll be editing shortly, but for now, here’s Gareth and Sara’s wedding day on the beautiful island of Santorini. This film contains two shoots – one of the night before, as the two of them enjoyed their last moments together before becoming husband and wife. The other shoot of course was their wedding day. With stunning views sprinkled throughout this film, Gareth and Sara’s film is a sight to behold, but the true beauty is in them as a couple and the love that they share together.

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