My Life, My Business and My Family and Friends

Thanks to the talented Birmingham wedding photographer,  Simon Brettell , for this portrait - one of the few times I’ve enjoyed being in front of the lens!

Thanks to the talented Birmingham wedding photographer, Simon Brettell, for this portrait - one of the few times I’ve enjoyed being in front of the lens!

How Did I Get Here?

Ever since I pulled my Dad’s dusty video camera out of the wardrobe to film my friends for a school project, I’ve always been fascinated by filmmaking. It wasn’t that the film was received well, or that I became the most popular kid at school - neither of those things occurred - but I did realise how difficult it was to bring an assortment of clips to life by stringing them together into a complete film - there was so much to learn and master - filmmaking was a challenge, but also a great creative outlet. Granted, there wasn’t an epiphany - I never left school to pursue a career in Hollywood, or even went to Film School itself, though I did consider doing Film Studies at the time.

“What will you do with a Film Studies degree?” my Mum bemoaned. “Well, as it happens…!” I listened though - as we all tend to do when it comes to our parents - and so I left college to do Computer Science at the University of Liverpool, as programming was ‘The future!’ After realising how boring it was to create software (my apologies to any programmers reading this), I decided to become a primary school teacher instead, and I loved every minute. Seeing children develop into little adults, and being a small part of their daily lives is immensely rewarding. I did this for eight years, until I realised that I wanted a life of my own… and that’s what brought me here… to this moment in time, where I make films for a living, and get to celebrate with the most awesome couples, who let me into their lives and allow me to share their stories. You could say that life turned out pretty great!

What Do You Really Do?

Well, if I can’t entice you with a short video of my recent trip to Santorini - linked above - which makes my life look pretty cool, well, then… I guess I’ll have to tell you a little bit about myself. The real me. Brace yourselves, it’s pretty exciting what I’m about to tell you: I spend my life… largely living… at a computer desk. I know - I lied - I shouldn’t have done that, but there’s not many other ways to make my life sound terribly exciting; nevertheless, about once every two weeks, I get to head out and film some of the best weddings in the North West at some of the best venues in England - I love my life!

Furthermore, there are some rare moments when I I find myself with a little bit of spare time outside of my office, and during those moments, I like to relax with a good movie and some good company, and sometimes - just sometimes - a bowl of popcorn (the days of eating biscuits are behind me, or at least that’s what I keep telling everyone - don’t look in my fridge!)

Some of my favourite romantic comedies… I stand by Life Itself, despite its terrible reviews… this movie has heart - an easy recommendation if you’re open to following a range of connected stories!

Some of my favourite romantic comedies… I stand by Life Itself, despite its terrible reviews… this movie has heart - an easy recommendation if you’re open to following a range of connected stories!

Guilty Pleasures - Romantic Movies

It’s no dark secret amongst my friends and family that I’ve always been a huge fan of romantic comedies. They’re fascinating: they make you laugh, and the really good ones, well, they can even make you cry. The journeys people take in life, especially together, captivate me - I love to learn about what makes them work so well together and what they have learned by being with one another. Romantic comedies give you that type of insight into fictional characters, and whether they cover the tragic moments of life, like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, or whether they cover a wide range of characters’ lives like in Dan Fogelman’s recent film, Life Itself, there is always something there that can teach you about life, and I love that! At other times, you can just have a craving for a Hugh Grant movie too, or is that just me? Even his light-hearted films, such as Four Weddings and a Funeral, can teach you many things about what you should and perhaps - more often than not - shouldn’t do in life.

Ultimately, each of these films teach you something about why we are here, which is ultimately to connect with one another, and that’s what I like to try to do with my films. I love to connect my audience to the couples’ wedding films, and make them feel how the couple felt on their wedding day.

Food, Fun and Family Time

Finally, I do what everyone else does, which is spend time with my closest friends and family. From meals at random Liverpool restaurants with my girlfriend, Lisa, to ‘K-Night’ evenings watching Korean TV dramas at our friends’ house, Susan and Adrian’s. Together, we try to spend what little spare time we have watching movies or catching up on the latest Walking Dead or Netflix series. “Food & Fun & Epic Games” pretty much sums us up, and is the title of our busy WhatsApp Group. Dixit, Exploding Kittens and Pandemic! are just a few of the games we like to play together, and if we’re feeling even more adventurous, we’ll go on a road trip to one of our neighbouring cities, or even take a weekend break to London, though this rarely happens now that some of the group have children - spoil sports! I’m only joking… but really…!

It’s All About You

Close up shot of the bride and groom holding hands as the sun begins to fade in the background.

A friend once told me that your About Me page is a lot like your dating profile, so if you’ve made it this far, we’re a match! If you’ve enjoyed watching my wedding films and have decided on the package that’s right for you, please let me know and get in touch to find out if I have availability for your wedding date. Alternatively, if you’d like to see more of my films, head on over to my blog to find out more!